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Welcome! Scuba Rico is a certified PADI scuba diving instructor in Dallas, Texas. Scuba Rico’s scuba training is catered to semi-private and private lessons for individuals or groups. This means there is no set time or schedule that you are required to follow or get forced into.  I will work around your schedule and in small class sizes. You are able to complete your certification as quickly as possible or at any speed you choose.

A lot of my students are busy professionals with limited available free time.  My flexible scheduling model caters to your needs.  I can even come to your own private pool to teach if requested. Whether you are a group of family members or just friends, you will receive quality, personal attention resulting in you becoming a safe and educated diver.

If you or someone in your group has any fears or concerns about learning to scuba dive, I specialize in addressing such issues.  Teaching children and young adults is another one of my specialties.  Children as young as 10 can learn to scuba dive today.  It is so gratifying to watch the excitement in their eyes as they fall in love with the sport as I did many years ago. My own child is an avid diver.

PADI offers some classes, including the beginner PADI Open Water Diver, via eLearning which gives you even more flexibility in completing your training.  You can complete the classroom work for these classes all online.  Once completed, then I conduct your pool and open water dive instruction.

You deserve to get high quality, personalized training for such an adventurous activity. Contact me to learn more about my small, personal class sized rather than the large group sizes at the bigger shops. It’s worth it!

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